Track Rules


General Rules:

  1. IHRA rules are the basic and minimum standard for safety and competition. Beacon Dragway track and class rules compliment these, and in some cases, supersede. See the current IHRA rulebook and direct any questions to a track official. We strive to promote fair competition & the enjoyment of Drag Racing.
  2. No fighting, vandalism, filthy language or theft. Any action or behavior deemed detrimental by Beacon Dragway towards Beacon Dragway will result in disciplinary action and/or suspension.
  3. No selling or soliciting on the grounds without permission of management.
  4. Dispose of liter in designated barrels. Waste oil should be disposed of in proper containers – not on the ground. Trash bags are available at the ET Booth. Please help keep the grounds clean. No open flames in pit area.
  5. Track Speed limit is 15 MPH, this will be strictly enforced. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Competition Rules:

  1. As a courtesy to all the drivers, please get to staging lanes promptly when called; only one PA call is required. Drivers competing in more than one (1) class must be ready to race when called to the lanes.
  2. Your dial-in must be displayed before crossing the dial-in line. In all classes, this line is at the head of the staging lanes.
  3. If you have no dial-in on your car, you will be dialed the same as your opponent.
  4. Do not stage until the scoreboard indicates your correct dial-in. All drivers, by staging their vehicles, will automatically indicate to the tower that they accept their dial-in on the display board. Please check to see that it is correct before you stage!
  5. The pairings are determined by the staging lane you choose. Odd number staging lanes are for right lane; even number staging lanes are for left lane. Drivers cannot change lanes once they have crossed the commitment line.  Any driver that changes lanes after crossing the line will be disqualified.  In the event that all remaining cars want the same lane, a driver can change to other lane if agreed.  If drivers cannot agree, staging director will determine lane choice by coin flip. If a driver pulls into an empty lane after pairings are determined by coin flip, that driver will be paired last.  In the event where two or more drivers pull up after, they then will have to flip for lane choice.  In the Finals, we will determine a bye, that driver will have lane choice.
  6. The break line is the lane commitment line. In the event a vehicle cannot proceed past this line and onto the track surface, the other competitor will then have a break single, which will not be considered a bye run.  If a vehicle has a problem before crossing the commitment line and can correct it before the final two cars are paired, driver will be allowed to make the round.  The staging lane director has the final call to allow a car to make the round if he/she feels it’s out of un-sportsman like conduct that they pulled out of the lane before the commitment line.
  7. If a vehicle has problems after crossing the break line it will be given an opportunity to restart or correct in a timely manner (2 min.), at the discretion of the starter, whose decision is final.
  8. Auto-start will be used in all classes. Crosstalk will be active during Super Pro eliminations.
  9. Deep staging is allowed.
  10. A vehicle must stage and take the green light under its own power to be eligible for a win.
  11. Two drivers may not enter one vehicle in same class during a points race. You may not switch drivers once eliminations have begun. You must finish eliminations with the vehicle you started with.
  12. One driver may not enter more than one vehicle in the same class during a points race. At certain non-points races, double entry is permitted.
  13. One driver may enter more than one points class. The driver is responsible for being on time for the appropriate class, and vehicle must conform to rules of each class when presented in lanes.

Race Procedures:

  1. At Beacon Dragway, tow vehicles are permitted with vehicles faster than 7.50 and Jr. Dragsters
  2. No burnouts or testing transbrakes in the staging lanes or pit areas. No stationary burnouts – except in the water box.  Burnouts across the starting line are allowed in vehicles with no front brakes, Super Pro Class, or as directed by a track official. If you cross the starting line during burnout, you must back up and staging must be in a forward motion.
  3. Stay with your vehicle in the staging lanes.
  4. In case of vehicle malfunction – please move your vehicle out of the groove and next to the guardrail.
  5. In the unlikely event of a re-run, the re-run competitors will not be allowed to change their dial-ins or lane choice.
  6. All bye runs will be given to the driver with the best reaction time from the previous round.  The final time trial will be used to determine the bye for first round.  The driver who has the bye needs only to break the beams to receive a win.  Drivers who buy back will be allowed to receive a bye run one round after the losing round.  Bye runs carry over to the next round if not used.  All drivers must have had one bye run before someone is allowed a second.
  7. All protests and appeals must be made through the race director. Filing a protest during an event does not disqualify any entry until that entry is proven to be illegal by Beacon Dragway or IHRA officials. IHRA rulebook procedures will be followed in all cases of protest, and in all instances no other entries will be reinstated based on the outcome of said protest.
  8. During competition events, time runs are made by class, when called by the announcer. Extra time runs are not allowed unless specifically approved by the race director. Exceptions may be made by the race director when a competitor must substitute a vehicle or demonstrates that factors beyond their control (not mechanical failure) caused them to miss the final scheduled time run session. The race director may grant one time run in such cases, provided a hardship exists, and it is before the start of all eliminations. The race director’s decision is final.


NOTICE: It is the responsibility of the participant, not IHRA or any track, to ensure that all safety equipment is approved and is correctly installed, worn, maintained, and used.

  1. Reckless, careless or intoxicated driving is NOT allowed. Do not allow unlicensed drivers to operate motor vehicles. NO alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the staging lanes. NO driver may consume alcohol if he/she is still involved in competition. Intoxication, possession or use of illegal drugs may result in suspension of racing privileges.
  2. All vehicles must pass tech inspection before making any runs. A vehicle may be re-examined by tech or track officials at any time, for any reason. Random inspections of vehicles may be conducted during the event. If chosen, you must report to the tech inspector without delay.
  3. Protective Clothing (minimum requirement):  Full length pants, short or long sleeved shirt, closed shoes and socks.  NO SHORTS. NO TANK TOPS. NO OPEN-TOE OR OPEN-HEEL SHOES OR SANDALS. Synthetic clothing not recommended.  Jacket meeting SFI Spec 3.2A1 mandatory for any vehicle 7.35-6.40. Jackets and pants meeting SFI Spec 3.2A/5 and gloves meeting SFI Spec 3.3/1 mandatory for any vehicle 6.39-4.50 or exceeding 135 mph.  Shoes or boots meeting SFI Spec 3.3/5 mandatory in all vehicles 6.39-4.50 with nitrous oxide, supercharger, or turbocharger(s).  Please refer to the IHRA rulebook section 4A, page 9 for requirements exceeding these listed.
  4. Neck Collar meeting SFI Spec 3.3 mandatory in all vehicles running 6.39 and quicker or exceeding 135 mph.
  5. Approved helmet required for 8.59 or quicker.
  6. All motorcycle riders and open cockpit vehicle drivers must have a helmet visor lowered in place when leaving the starting line.
  7. Arm restraints and gloves meeting SFI Spec 3.3/1 mandatory for all open-body vehicles 7.49 and quicker.
  8. Speed limit in the pits is 15 mph; speed limit on the return road is 15 mph. Speed limits will be enforced as follows: first offense will be a verbal warning; second offense will be a disqualification from the racing event. Vehicle must be driven under own power unless being towed.
  9. Mini-bikes, ATV’s, golf carts and related vehicles can ONLY be operated by licensed drivers. Each vehicle must display the car number of the team/driver it is with. Reckless driving of any type will NOT be tolerated, and the team/driver will be verbally warned for the first offense and the second offense will result in a disqualification from the racing event. These types of vehicles must be operated in a safe manner at all times, as mandated by our insurance company. No such vehicle is to be operated in the restricted area of the pits, EVER! This will be strictly enforced!!
  10. No children under the age of 14 are allowed in the staging lanes, pre-staging or on the return road – per our insurance company!! Children are allowed in tow vehicles or on pit bikes as passengers.
  11. Never refuel any vehicle while vehicle is in the staging lanes or running.
  12. Jack stands must be used while working under a vehicle. A competent, licensed driver must be in the vehicle and at the controls of any vehicle running while on jack stands.
  13. Willful disregard of safety by any driver, as determined by a track official, is grounds for reprimand, suspension, and/or fines. Incidents that compromise the safety of other competitors or spectators cannot be tolerated.
  14. Firearms and weapons are strictly prohibited on Beacon Dragway property.

Buy back Policy:

  1. Buy backs will be allowed in the 1st OR 2nd round only.


Break policy:

  1. If your vehicle breaks before making any passes or during time trials, a break pass will be given ($10 spectator fee will be owed when break pass is used).
  2. If your vehicle breaks during time trials, you can substitute another vehicle that is not entered in the same class. See procedure below. You’ll need to go through tech with the new vehicle.
  3. Limit of 2 break passes per race season
  4. No break pass if you oil down the track.
  5. No break passes issued during special events.
  6. Break passes are good till end of race season and are not transferable to another driver.

To change brackets or substitute a vehicle:

  1. Go to the tech and consult the race director for approval.
  2. All questions concerning acceptable class changes or substitution of vehicle must be approved by the race director. He will give you direction on how to proceed.
  3. This change must be done before round 1 of eliminations for that class. The substitute entry may or may not get a time run.

Rain out policy:

  1. If a rain out occurs before eliminations, only entry points will be awarded. The event will not be made up unless it is the final points race of the season.  The final points race must have had time trials ran in order to be made up.
  2. If a rain out occurs during round one, only completed classes will be scored with round points. Rain checks will only be issued to racers in classes that were not completed. (Round 1 only & entry points will be given.)
  3. If a rain out occurs after first round is completed, it is a total rain out and no rain checks will be given. All purse money will be split to racers still in competition from last completed round. If a driver bought back into the round being split,  buy-back money only will be refunded. Points will be issued as round wins in classes that have completed rounds.
  4. No refunds for spectator admission.


  1. All decisions of the race director are final.
  2. All safety and tech rules published in the IHRA rule book apply by ET class. Please consult a track official with any questions.
  3. IHRA Chassis certification is required on any entry 6.00 or quicker 1/8 mile. See IHRA rules for details.
  4. Functional tail lamp required on all entries. Strobe or other unapproved tail lamps prohibited (except junior dragsters).
  5. Timed ignition interruption devices (stutter boxes) prohibited in all classes.
  6. Delay boxes allowed ONLY in Super Pro. The box MUST be removed in all other classes. Pneumatic starting line enhancers are permitted in Super Pro only.
  7. Hi-rev limiters recommended in all classes. 2-steps prohibited in Sportsman. A mechanical, fixed throttle stop that cannot be changed, adjusted, or over-ridden from inside the car or during a run is acceptable.
  8. Data recorders that are pro-active to the operation of a vehicle are prohibited in ALL no-box classes. Other electronics may be prohibited by class. If in doubt, ask.
  9. Also prohibited in all classes: Any electronic device used to determine down-track position; Any device that employs a timer, counter, or signal generator to determine down-track position; any type of line sensor for either start or finish; any telemetry device capable of communicating vehicle data during a run, any wheel pickup sensing devices; any unconventional uses or applications of legal devices that would render them illegal under IHRA or Beacon Dragway rules.
  10. An IHRA membership and license are required for all classes to run the Summit Team Finals. The rules for the IHRA Summit Team Finals may vary from our track rules – refer to the IHRA Rule Book for clarifications.
  11. All Supercharged entries, or any entry using Nitrous Oxide quicker than 5.00 1/8-mile must have approved lower containment system (diaper).
  12. Per IHRA Rules, vehicles running faster than 125 mph must have a functional parachute.
  13. Computers prohibited, unless original OEM device. Certain ignition control systems are prohibited from competition. Any aftermarket ignition or engine control system that utilizes a programmable EEPROM; or is capable of activating a compensation command based on down track data; or executes a command based on input from any sensor besides a tachometer, is prohibited in all classes except Super Pro.
  14. All switches and/or buttons must be standard mechanical connection type. Infrared lasers, retinal scan, fingerprint, light source, and any other non-mechanical types are prohibited.


  1. Beacon Dragway will use the following points structure. 2 points for attendance, 1 points per round win, 1 bonus point to runner-up in class, and 2 bonus point to class winner.
  2. Once a class has been declared you may not transfer points between classes. A driver may compete in more than one points class.
  3. If you break before first round and are not eligible for a break pass, notify the tower to note your attendance points.  If you do receive a break pass, the points are earned the day you use your break pass.
  4. In the event of a tie for the points win, the tie breaker will go to the driver with most round wins during points races.

These rules are not conclusive and are subject to modifications or expansion throughout the season. 


$25 entry, WINNER TAKE ALL

Pairings by random as you pull in the lanes

This is a No Time/Clocks off class


400 Pro tree


-Due to safety and competition parity, cars will be capped at NO QUICKER THAN 6.50 during competition. Clocks will be off and you will get your half of the slip. Tower will notify competition director and announcer if a car goes under during eliminations and the car will be out and win awarded to other lane(assuming they don’t go under) If both lanes go under, both cars will be out of competition.

-Current tags and insurance MATCHING THE CAR VIN

-NO Roll cage for cars 2008 and newer with all factory installed safety equipment.  Others should have roll bar installed.  NO fuel cell

-Pump (93 octane) Gas, E85 or pump diesel only (NO RACE FUEL)

-D.O.T. RADIAL MUST BE FOR HIGHWAY USE! (No Pros or Bias ply, if it says on the side ‘not for highway use’ or some version of that, it is NOT legal)

-Full interior including both front seats and rear seat if factory equipped, factory dash, door panels.

-Mufflers required except on turbo applications: all exhaust must exit BEHIND driver..absolutely no front exit exhaust!


-Factory style suspension and frame rails (traction bars ok, no chassis or back half cars)

-Cars should be PREPARED for a 20 mile cruise.


$50 entry- Payout 75% winner, 25% Runner up

Chip draw for bracket position and pairing.  Coin toss for lane choice.

N/T clocks off

.400 pro tree

-Current tags and insurance matching the VIN tag NO DEALER TAGS

-Working headlights and tail lights turn signals

-Any fuel, Any power adder

-ANY D.O.T. tire on drive axle with stock suspension.

–D.O.T. Tire limited to 275 or 28×10.5 nonW w/aftermarket style suspension ie. ladder bar   or 4 link

-NO wheelie bars

-NO full chassis cars

-Must have approved safety equipment,

-Bolt in front suspension and factory firewall

-Glass OR lexan is acceptable in all applications

-Mufflers required except turbo applications all body panels are hood is required

-2 front seats, door panels, dash.

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