Track Champion

2017 Beacon Dragway Track Champion

Now that the racing season is well underway,  the method of determining this year’s track champion needs to be posted.  After the last points race on October 7th, the points for Super Pro, No-Box, and Street/Trophy will be totaled for each driver in these three classes.  The top four point achievers in these three classes will be invited to the Track Champion Race to Florida Shootout.  In the case of a no show driver the next highest points driver will take his/her place.  These four will race each other until a winner from each class emerges.  Following this, the three class winners will face off against each other.  The bye will be determined by the driver with the best reaction time during the final of each class race.  The driver who wins this three car championship race will be the 2017 Beacon Dragway Track Champion.  The Champ will receive a week’s lodging at Orange Lake Resort in Kissimmee, FL for up to four people.  There will be no cost for the lodging; however, a security deposit will be held by Beacon Dragway that will be refunded upon return of the Champ and verification by the resort of no damages.  Good luck drivers and thanks for racing at Beacon Dragway.

-Dr. Grow

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