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Summit Series Double Points Race 7 8 17

Winners:   No Box:  Jacob Arnold Super Pro:  Bobby Thompson Street/Trophy:  Chris Mohler Jr. Dragster:  Ty Elrod Motorcycle:  Wes Lockhart

Night of Fire and Combo 7 1 17

Winners Combo Winner:  Tommy Sedlock Second Chance Combo Winner:  Gary Doom No Box Winner:  Bear Nichols Street Trophy Winner:  Tammie Lynn Motorcycle Winner:  Jason Barnhill Jr. Dragster Winner:  Jesse Joyce

Summit Series Points Race 6 24 17

Winners Super Pro:  Chris Peeler No Box:  Lucas Walker Street Trophy:  Tommy Crosby Jr. Dragster:  Addi Fulcher Motorcycle:  Wes Lockhart

Summit Series Points Race 6 17 17

Winners Super Pro:  Don Ellis No Box:  Jamie Martin Jr. Dragster:  Jesse Joyce Motorcycle:  Joey Schaffner Street/Trophy:  Chris Mohler

Summit Series Points Race 06 10 17

Winners Super Pro:  Tom Webster No Box:  Wes Lockhart Motorcycle:  Wes Lockhart Street/Trophy:  Jason Newsome Jr. Dragster:  Bryanne Brock